Diploma in Project Planning Management

Diploma in Project Planning Management

It uses data- specific objects and facilitates easy civil engineering calculations and representations. The certification will impart candidates’ knowledge in designing, drafting and documentation, defining workflows, and analyzing and mapping the civil engineering projects.

The course will help applicants to accomplish sound grounding project management principles and encourage participants to adopt them in their model projects.

  • The course is intended for entry and intermediate-level program & project managers.
  • It is designed for the project executive/associates on a full-time basis and requires learning of formal approaches to managing the project.
  • Assistant project managers who are willing to develop their project management skills to enable career advancement.
  • The course is significant to take your role up as a Sr. project manager.
  • The disciplines assist on bridging the gap between technical teams and others who do not have same IT background.
  • Project managers are in high demand across the world as the execution of the complex project is difficult.
  • To let you manage task and resources working on the task.
  • To help you create a project plan and finalize the plan.
  • To constantly improve your organizational practices in the changing business environment.

The course curriculum is designed to align with industry expectations covering the following topics:

  • Set Project Working Time (Calendars)
  • Project Management Concepts
  • CPM (Critical Path Method)
  • PERT- Program Evaluation Review Technique, PDM – Precedence Diagramming Method
  • Resource Planning & Cost Estimation
  • Define Constraints in a Project
  • Methods of developing different types of reports according to the industrial need
  • Scheduling Multiple Projects

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